Ten things to Start Doing in 2019 to help continue the Cortislim Lifestyle


When you focus in on a few changes at a time you ingrain healthy habits that last for a lifetime .   Here are 10 we are doing....


1. Start each morning with a glass of warm water and lemon juice.

2. Write down what you eat or use an app to track.  

3. Eat brown rice instead of white rice

4. Use almond or coconut flour instead of white flour.  

5. Drink eight glasses of water minimum daily.  Drink at least one before each meal 

6. Walk 5 minutes more 

7. Streamline your morning routine.  We will be posting an article on how we streamline ours.

8. Eat your fruit.  Don't drink it. 

9. Get regular sleep.  

10. Eat mostly whole unprocessed foods