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Natural Stress Relievers and Weight Management

CortiSLIM News and Articles - Natural Stress Relievers and Weight Management

Long gone is the old stereotype of the jolly fat person. Research by the Dieticians Association of Australia found, "Compared with individuals of the same age who were normal weight or overweight, participants aged 45-54 who were obese were more likely to report that emotional problems had affected their work, social or regular activities in the past month. Read More!

How Stress Affects Weight

CortiSLIM News and Articles - How Stress Affects Weight

Anyone trying to manage weight, whether it's weight loss or simply avoiding weight-gain, knows that stress is not your friend. However, few understand exactly how stress can sabotage weight control. Read more!

The Importance of Vitamin D

CortiSLIM News and Articles - The Importance of Vitamin D

The so-called Sunshine Vitamin (Vitamin D) plays a vital role in physical health. Read more!

Sodium and Your Health

CortiSLIM News and Articles - Sodium and Your Health

An important pleasure of eating is flavor. Throughout the centuries, the art of cooking has gone from disguising the unpleasantness of spoiled meat due to lack of refrigeration to creating gourmet meals in which flavors can be rapturous. Unfortunately, many of the taste-enhancers we commonly use (salt, sugar, fats) can have harmful implications for health when overused. It is important to substitute alternatives. Read More!

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

Many of us struggle with weight management. Perhaps you've tried countless weight loss diets or diet plans over the years, bought expensive exercise equipment and eaten more tasteless foods than anyone should have to stomach? But if you're like most people searching for a way to get a handle on your weight, you need innovative products and solutions that support healthy lifestyle changes and choices, not just quick fixes that boomerang you back to where you started... or worse. Read More!

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