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Customer Testimonials

CortiSLIM Customers are Happy and Satisfied!

I started using Cortislim 10 years ago and have been very happy with it. I stopped once for about 3 weeks...noticed a big change in my belly fat...seemed to go out of control. So, I came back, and stayed.


I have tried a ton of different supplements on the market, but Cortislim is the first thing I used that really made me 'feel' good. I felt my emotions were more under control and since I felt better, I was more inclined to move more and eat better. I didn't dive into all my comfort foods all the time. I have lost 12 lbs and 3 1/2" around my waist. I couldn't be happier!


It has been years since I have used CortiSlim. Back in the day, CortiSlim worked well. I am going to try it now, that my stress level and weight are out of this world! I will redo my review after 30 days of trying CortiSlim again.


I was a size 26 in Jan 2005, by August 2005 was size 12 . My psychiatrist viewed the ingredients and deemed them to be safe. So Cortislim. Is safe and effective.

Ms West
Bath, New York

Tried it a few years back and I love it. Was very disappointed when it was taken off the shelves,

Lil Delatorre
Savannah, Georgia

Pretty good. The original used to work a lot better.

Seguin, Texas

Cortislim was a dream come through! As a busy wife, mother and student, I needed help losing more than 50 lbs. I tried Cortislim and felt more healthy and confident than I ever had in years! I highly recommend this product!


I really like the original cortislim. I started taking two capsules a daym and now I have gone down to one a day for maintainence. I like this product because it doesn't give me the shakes like others do.

Christine Baum

CortisSLIM Testimonial Caterina. . . the product is fantastic, keeping me a size 0 at 56 yrs old and a sedate life style. I have pictures of when I was 250 lbs that I should send you. Here are some now pics. Unfortunately they want to foreclose on my house and my husband is a first responder at the Twin Towers at 9/11. He needs to retire and I need to work, to keep our home. If you know of anyone looking for a paid t.v. testimonial, I would be interested. Or anybody that is looking to hire a thin woman who needs to keep her home! Great product, greatly appreciated!

Yours always,
Caterina Vito

CortiSLIM Testimonial

I have been using it for over 7 years. I truly believe my midrift section would be much larger without. There have been times when I was unable to get it and in a very brief time I found my waistline needing elastic. In a world filled with stress, I believe Cortislim helps my body process that stress better. We all know stress is a killer... and when we find something that helps prevent that, we are truly fortunate.

Loui B.

Charleston, South Carolina

Right now I just started dropping weight fast about .5 lb a day. I started on caloriecount.com a free site much like the weight watcher program, but FREE! That site logs everything including nutrition, grades and activity. From past experience with Cortislim I know it has many benefits. I was always very small and thin about 105 lbs and never exercised. When I joined the Navy at 29 years old, as soon as I started the heavy exercise regimin I gained allot of weight. I knew something was wrong because I hardly ate a thing. A few years later Cortislim came out and for me it worked on my belly, anxiety, and mood. Eventually finances forced a tight budget I had to discontinue. When I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in 2008 I had chemo + high doses of prednisone & my weight ballooned. I am just started this new regimin, I don't deny my self any comfort foods, just make better choices on substitutes and portion control. I have been using caloriecount.com for a few months, I started to drop weight significantly in the past two weeks since I added Cortislim.

Jill Cosat

I took my Cortislim tablets before breakfast and lunch, and in the beginning, also at dinner. I was able to drop off 1 tablet at lunch and 1 tablet at dinner after several months.

I am happy to relate to you my success with Cortislim. When I first started taking it about 5 years ago, I was substantially overweight, and my knees and feet hurt when walking, as the weight issue complicated my arthritis in my knees and the multiple surgeries on the bottom of both my feet. During the first 2 months or so, I lost approximately 20 pounds, and hit a plateau for a few weeks. Then the weight started going down again, slowly but consistently. I would shed 15 to 20 pounds over a period of time, hit another plateau, and then go down again. Over a period of approximately a year or so, I eventually lost 67 pounds to reach my goal weight, and have kept it off.

Anita B

I tried Cortislim 10 years ago and it worked like a miracle. I have never looked so good in my entire life, but then got married, didn't work out, and 10 years of domestic abuse. I'm 50 years old now, going through a very difficult and stressful divorce and 45 pounds overweight, I'm trying to get back in shape. After I tried so many things I know only Cortislim works for me.

Bernice H