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Stress Related Weight Gain

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Belly Fat?

If you’re under stress and want to trim your waistline - then you should buy CortiSLIM!

Step off the scale and into the CortiSLIM lifestyle.

Reduce Belly Fat
Burn belly fat and lose weight.
Real users, Real Results
Reduce Belly Fat
Reduce Belly Fat
The Science of CortiSlim
An advanced scientific weight loss Formula

CortiSLIM's ingredients provide a unique three-pronged approach to weight loss by addressing stress, enhancing thermogenesis (so you can burn more fat) and encouraging lean body mass through supporting healthy blood glucose levels. These revolutionary products blend three Proprietary Complexes in its unique and powerful weight loss formulas to give you The CortiSLIM Advantage.*

Insutrol is a proprietary blend of ingredients that supports increased lean body mass, reduction of body fat and healthy blood glucose levels.

LeptiPlex is a proprietary blend of ingredients that supports a healthy metabolism and thermogenesis (fat burning).

CortiPlex is a proprietary blend of ingredients to compliment the stress-reducing effects of exercising and helps to reduce stress levels and decrease cortisol levels..

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"I liked the product so much that I hounded the CEO and became President of the Company!" - Sue Meyer, CortiSLIM President
"I have had amazing results using Cortislim...Can't give it high enough remarks!" - Shawna, Las Vegas, NV
"I lost 100 pounds and now I feel like a totally different person!" - Nancy, Laguna Niguel, CA
Stress and CortiSLIM
Do you blame yourself?

Do you start your day with a sideways glance in the mirror, followed by feelings of disappointment and frustration? As thousands of people are discovering . . . there is more to the story!

The Problem: The body’s response to Stress

Each stressful moment triggers the release of Cortisol, Glucose and Protein into the bloodstream, which signals the body to store fat

The Solution: The CortiSLIM Lifestyle

CortiSLIM was formulated to help everyday people manage their bodies' physical response to stress along with a lifestyle approach; which includes diet, exercise and stress management.

The CortiSLIM Lifestyle is all about choices - healthy food, stress management, keeping active and being motivated to do all three!

Reduce Belly Fat

Success and CortiSLIM
Proven Research, Solid Results

Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight are unique challenges for many of us. Certain factors may be responsible for unsightly weight gain, while other factors contribute to our inability to shed unwanted pounds and achieve a toned physique.

We all know that consuming too many calories, or the wrong kinds of calories, and lack of exercise can all contribute to weight loss and weight management challenges. Studies suggest that stress may also play an important role in our ability to reduce fat, especially belly fat.

The CortiSLIM Lifestyle is a highly successful fat loss and weight management program which consists of four major components:

  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Eating
  • Regular Exercise
  • Supplements